"The Power of the Lamb's Blood" book by Peggy Park Lexington KY

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“The Power of the Lamb’s Blood” By Peggy Park


The Power of the Lamb's Blood by Peggy Park - Park Praise Publications


Why did Jesus, the Lamb of God, have to die?

“Unparalleled. Beyond must read. Every believer should want to read this. There has never before been such an in-depth study of the Blood of the Lamb –a previously untapped, underestimated topic.”

— Dudley C. Rutherford
Senior Pastor Shepherd of the Hills, Porter Ranch, California


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Peer Reviews

Peggy Park reminds us that the blood is a mighty force of protection as the believer declares his faith in the blood of Jesus

— Kay Frost
Womens Ministry Lay Leader/Intercessor


Powerful words to describe a powerful subject. Peggy Park weaves together the imagery of the Old Covenant with the spiritual truths of the New.

— Rev. Tommy Hays
United Methodist Minister, Spiritual Director and Founder, Messiah Ministries, Lexington, KY


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